Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Food and Football- does it get any better than that?
While there were 3 games on the annual Turkey Day classic, the best event of the day had to be the Lions putting up a super fight against the now 10-1 Texans. While Houston might own the best record in the NFL, their flaws were out for everybody to see as they showcased another below-par performance against Detroit.

Entering the Lion’s den on Thursday, the Texans had to prove that last week’s performance was behind them. Last Sunday against the Jags, the “mighty” Texan defense unraveled completely as they allowed backup QB Chad Henne to throw 354 yards and shoot 4TD’s.

This week should have been a perfect time to get things back on track. Matt Stafford was on the other side of the ball and during his dry season, he has been anything but good. But 61 passes later, the defense surrendered 441 yards and allowed 2TD’s thru the air.

Forget about the Madden Curse, Megatron had a mega game yesterday catching 8 balls for 140 yards and he hauled in a beautiful 22 yard strike for a TD. Madden Curse? Think again.

So what has happened to the once vaunted Texans D? They have fallen off completely and it’s evident that they are to blame. The offense has done no wrong! Over the last two games they have put up 77 points and Andre Johnson has been the WR everyone has yearned for.

The ailing Secondary is missing Jonathan Joseph, but is that all it took to throw them off the edge? Daniel Manning has let up big plays not only to 2nd receivers, but 3rd guys on the Depth Chart too.

It’s just two games, and it might be an overreaction, but the truth is the Texans won’t win down the stretch if they can’t stop the pass. The offense isn't going to continue to put up enormous amounts of points week in and week out.

Looking at Houston’s record and upcoming schedule, playoffs are almost a lock; but looking at the rest of the AFC, the pass defense could continue to be the biggest issue. Here are 5 teams in the AFC Hunt that have 2 or more Wide-Outs that pose a wide-open threat-

Ravens- Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin

Patriots- Brandon Lloyd and Wes Welker
Broncos- Demarius Thomas and Eric Decker

Bengals- A.J Green (do we even need a 2nd? This guy is enough for 5 guys)

Steelers- Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders

The fact is a struggling pass defense going into the playoffs could be one of the worst possible things for a young playoff team. If they don’t get it together by the end of 2012, you better believe a CB will be in their Draft Needs!