I wrote an article recently arguing that the NFL should change the MVP voting and not give it to one single player.  Namely the quarterback with the best stats.  I understand the QB is by far the most important position in football.  I just feel that too many great players that have a major impact on their teams success get overlooked because they can't compile the stats in various offensive categories.  But there is no doubt that the quarterback is the most valuable position on the field.

You want proof!  Look at the way the Bears performed against the 49ers a few Monday nights ago with Jason Campbell at quarterback.  Jay Cutler may not put up the incredible stats like his division counterpart Aaron Rodgers, but he's just as valuable to his team.  When Jay Cutler went out for the game against Houston with a concussion the Bears stopped moving the ball offensively.  When Cutler went down with a leg injury in the NFC championship game in 2010, Chicago once again ceased to exist on offense.  Here's all you need to know.  Dating back to Cutler's injury last season the Bears are (1-6) when he doesn't play.  They are (13-2) when he is under center during that same time period.  That sounds like a most valuable player to me!

Ben Roethlisberger is another great example of a quarterback that means everything to his team without putting up "MVP" type numbers.  Look at the Steelers right now.  The Browns just beat them.  The last time that happened Lincoln was president.  Pittsburgh has lost both their games since Big Ben's numerous injuries and he'll be out again in the rematch against the Ravens this weekend.  The Steelers are in major trouble without Ben and may fail to make the playoffs if he doesn't return soon.  Both the Bengals and Colts are in very solid positions to take the 2 wild card spots in the AFC.

Tom Brady has 24 TD's, 3 INT's and has his team in 1st place, as usual.  Peyton Manning turned the Broncos into one of the best offenses in the league.  Aaron Rodgers creates fantasy football monsters with guys you never heard of before.  Drew Brees has been a record breaking machine ever since he got to New Orleans.  Eli Manning is a two time Super Bowl MVP and one of the greatest 4th quarter QB's in NFL history.  The above mentioned names, including Ben Roethlisberger are the only quarterbacks in the league right now that have won the Super Bowl as the starting QB.

That's only 6 active quarterbacks in the entire league that have won a Super Bowl as a starter out of 32 teams.  Wow!  I guess that tells you everything you need to know about the QB position.  If you're elite then you have a chance to win the whole thing.  There are only a handful of elite guys out there which is why some of them have gone on to win multiple titles.

The ultimate definition of the MVP is how valuable that single player is to his team.  It's almost an immeasurable stat and one that I don't always buy into given how much of a team sport football is.  How great would Tom Brady be if he didn't have one of the best offensive lines blocking for him for the past decade?  I'm just using that as an example, clearly Brady is phenomenal but we have to consider these variables.  This is why I would like the NFL to award a most valuable player to each position on the field.  A QB, RB, WR, TE, O-Lineman, D-Lineman, LB, CB, S and yes even kickers and punters.

I suppose I'm still cool with one player getting the ultimate MVP award but I think we ought to recognize the incredible talent and value of some of these players at under-valued positions.