A disaster is really what the Jets season has been. Didn’t we all see this coming though? When the off season headlines are all about your backup QB the team is destined for distractions. Much like the Philadelphia Eagles, the downward spiral of the Jets has been in great part of distractions.

It all started with Tim Tebow. The day of the acquisition, fans all around the country shook their heads in disbelief. “Will Tebow put Sanchez on the bench?” many folks asked. It seemed logical. With Sanchez’s struggles in the past, you would think Tebow could provide the spark New York fans have been yearning for.

By week 4 the catastrophe was in full effect. During the 34-0 shellacking the Jets took against the 49ers, chants of “Tebow, Tebow, Tebow” rained from the crowd at Met Life Stadium. Little did those fans know- Tebow didn’t stand a chance at playing.

Its week 14 now and any chance of the Jets salvaging their season went down the drain on Thanksgiving Night. Mark Sanchez and the offense again played awful. The once praised Jets defense surrendered almost 50 points to the Patriots offense. You might be thinking “Tebow Time”, but it’s way too late for anything like that. Now holding a 5-7 record and last place in the AFC East, next year has to be on the minds of Woody Johnson and the Jets Organization.

Does the change start with Rex Ryan? Ryan, who has guaranteed a Super Bowl victory several times, has failed to deliver a Lombardi during his 4 years in New York. He seems to lack the control of his players. Guys like Bart Scott and Santonio Holmes have been constant distractions to their teams. While the Jets seem to be committed to Ryan at the helm, you have to wonder when a change will happen in New York.

Let’s get back to Tebow. As we know he hasn’t seen the field but maybe 2 plays a game. During  last Thursday’s 49-19 embarrassment against New England, Tebow didn’t see the field because of an apparent rib injury. So what is the next move when it comes to TebowMania? New York clearly didn’t bring in Tebow to play QB, therefore he is really just “the punt protector”.

Could the Jets use Tim as trade bait? We all know the Jets need a WR as that is their weakest spot. Tebow could be traded off to another team and get the Jets the Wide Out they really need.

I’m not going to get into the whole Mark Sanchez debate because my feelings for Sanchez are NOT high. So what do you think? What are the Jets problems and is Sanchez to blame?