Fantasy Football is a game that intrigues millions of NFL fans every year. And on Sunday, it isn't just what your favorite NFL team does, it's the performance of your FANTASY team that gives you the extra edge on Monday.

The QB position is the spot that most players rely on the big point total. Today, we are going to take a look at my top 5 FANTASY QB's and their rankings from 5-1. Here.We.GO:

5: Matt Ryan- What an excellent surprise not only for Atlanta fans, but for fantasy fans everywhere. Ryan, a 5th year player who has just been average over the past 4 years, has absolutely blown up this season. 17 TD's and 2300+ yards later, this Falcons offense has been unstoppable and Matty Ice is the reason. This guy is a no doubt starter, and if he continues his perfection, he will be a top 10 pick in 2013 NFL Fantasy drafts. Yes, that's a risky statement but lets be honest, this guy is the real deal.

4: Tom Brady- How could I leave Brady out? Although he isn't who he used to be, he is still Tom Brady. He may have lost a bit of a step on the field, but I still would put him in the top 5 Fantasy Football QB's. With weapons like Gronk, Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez, and Brandon Lloyd stationed all around him, he can almost do no wrong!

3: Peyton Manning: Mr. Manning is back and better than ever! Everyone thought that Manning couldn't do it. He had his fair share of doubters but he has proved them wrong week after week! He has eclipsed 2400+ fantasy points and 20 TD's. Peyton was an average 6th round Fantasy pick and if you have him, you have a great record.

Maybe I am biased because I will admit, Peyton is my fantasy QB; but #18 just doesn't have an off week. He can always guarantee me, and every other fantasy owner a great game.

2: Drew Brees: Oh Drew Brees, you never fail to disappoint.... me. After all, every time I play against you, my team gets DESTROYED! Brees is a leader on the field, and on your computer screens. He has racked up the most yardage in the league, 2nd in TD's, and owned in every single league in Yahoo! Fantasy Football. "Drew Brees, making opposing fantasy owners cry since 2001"

1: Aaron Rodgers: No Double-Check needed on this one. Aaron Rodgers is the best fantasy football QB in the game. Only Rodgers could make Randall Cobb and James Jones look like Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne. Rodgers leads the QB's with 25 total TD's and should have been the #1 pick in almost every league.

Remember, he's doing it without one of the best WR's in the NFC in Greg Jennings. Rodgers is a fantasy point machine and THAT is why he is my #1 Fantasy Football QB.

Who is in your top 5? Comment below or tweet me @JoeWedra