The NFC East is one of those divisions that you just can’t stop looking at. It’s like a bad movie that you can’t stop watching but you want to see how it ends. U-G-L-Y is what the division is, has been, and will be for a while longer.

Even the division leader and defending Champion G-Men are struggling. Early in the year they looked like the best team in not only the NFC East, but in the entire NFC. What are they now? A team struggling to make the playoffs just like every other team in the East.

Here’s how things will look to shake out in this crazy division:

Giants: The 6-4 New York squad has been on a rollercoaster ride throughout the entire season. Three weeks ago, they were sitting at 6-2 and looking at an easy playoff berth; now they are in a wild fight for the NFC East title. After back to back weeks losing against Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, a bye week last week was just what the doctor ordered. This week, they are back on the grind.

Here’s a word the G-Men won’t be using for a good while- Easy. The upcoming schedule is an absolute brutal one. This week 12 they will be facing the Pack at home, and then playing two teams on the rise in the Redskins and the Saints. While in three weeks they could very easily be 6-7, they could pull things together and notch a 9-4 record. We’ll see how the bye week helped as we all watch the Game of the Week on NBC.

Redskins: Want to talk about a team on the rise? Let’s watch these Washington Redskins. After they started 3-6 and were all but out of this crazy race, they have won the last 2 and gained ground on the Cowboys. They beat Dallas on Thursday and completely have turned it around.

RGIII isn’t what everyone thought he was going to be? Yeah right. Talk about talented; this kid has every skill set you could ever think of! Griffin has had back to back monster games and could go nuts again in Week 13. They’ll be playing a Giants team who we just talked about being in a downward spiral. If they could somehow win this game, they might just have momentum to propel them into the playoffs. The rookie talent out of Baylor won’t have to do it on his own however. If guys like Alfred Morris and Santana Moss keep playing like they have, this team could make a solid run.

Cowboys: Romo, Romo, Romo. Dallas has those Tony Romo BLUES. Like that song? I think that pretty much sums up what Americas Team has gone through this year. Many claim that the defense is to blame, and some say Romo could use a solid number 2 Wide Out; but the fact is that Romo won’t work with ANYONE.

It really is a shame because Dallas thought they would have the guy of the future and they kind of have. But why has he been here this long? Mr. Romo has proven to Jerry Jones, and the entire NFL that he just isn’t cutting it. Ever since the botched snap against Seattle in the playoffs it has been trouble.

So what can the ‘Boys to turn their season around and try to catch up to the #1 spot in the East…? I think it has to start with getting DeMarco Murray back and healthy. Ever since their 31-29 loss in Baltimore, Murray has been inactive with a foot injury. If they can get a steady running game going and a balanced attack, they MIGHT be able to salvage the season.

Eagles: Unlike the other beasts of the East, this squad cannot save their season. Sitting at 3-7 and playing 100% pitiful, Philly is done. We know that Andy Reid will get fired it’s just a matter of when. Mike Vick should be gone after this year as it looks like the Eagles are grooming Nick Foles to be in contention for a starting job in 2013. So what has to happen to get this team to a playoff contender next year? The defense isn’t the problem as they have been rock solid. It’s all about the QB spot!

Nick Foles hasn’t looked good in his first couple of appearances but that shouldn’t get Eagles fans too worried. Foles played at the highest caliber in his stent at Arizona University and he has shown signs of good play. He has made those mistakes that ALL rookies make, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise. He has a very good arm and was excellent in college when it came to accuracy. Get Foles some time this year, and let him work all offseason with the guys.

If I’m the Eagles, I’d make sure Foles doesn’t worry too much about winning this year. Keep him comfortable and focused on getting better for the 2013 season. This team has the pieces; they just haven’t all been put in place….. YET

This race is just going to get better and better. So sit back and enjoy. The battle for the East has just begun.