Things got back on track last week as The Sports Prophet went 11-3 and started week 12 with 2 out of 3 on Thanksgiving Day.  Here are the rest of my NFL predictions for this Sunday.

Vikings vs Bears:  The QB is the most important position on the field.  Take away that guy and you take away your odds of winning.  But the Bears get Cutler back this week at home and unless Adrian Peterson rushes for 200 yards, Chicago wins this game.  Look for Ponder picks.  Bears 20 - Vikings 17

Raiders vs Bengals:  Carson Palmer gets to return to his old stomping grounds in Cincinnati where he stomped himself out after becoming increasingly frustrated with ownership for the lack of success of the team.  Well since he left they got better.  I guess he lacked what Andy Dalton doesn't.  Bengals 34 - Raiders 28

Steelers vs Browns: Unlike the Bears, the Steelers won't be getting their QB back.  That is not good against a team in Cleveland that's getting good.  If the Browns are smart they'll load the box and attempt to stuff the run.  That is unless 3rd string QB Charlie Batch can do a better job than Leftwich.  Which really isn't saying much.  Browns 23 - Steelers 20

Bills vs Colts:  The Bills need this game badly and will rely on their offense to get them the win.  Indy can score some points themselves but they lack what the Bills don't.  That's a running game.  I believe that will be the difference.  Bills 31 - Colts 28

Titans vs Jaguars:  Uh boy!  Do they have to play this game?  Chris Johnson has played great for over a month now and MJD hasn't played in over a month.  The Jags showed some offense with Chad Henne lighting up the Texans D in a loss but can he do it again?  Maybe so and maybe the Jags even get a win here.  Nah!  Titans 27 - Jaguars 21

Broncos vs Chiefs:  Denver is very good and getting better.  The Chiefs are bad and getting worse.  So how the heck are the Chiefs going to win this game?  They're not!  Peyton is in MVP form and the defense is playing great led by Miller and Dumervil.  Broncos 27 - Chiefs 17

Seahawks vs Dolphins:  Ugh what happened to Miami?  They were headed to a surprising playoff birth before Tannehill regressed back to rookie form.  The defense hasn't played all that well lately either.  Seattle is led by an aggressive, ferocious defense and a solid running game behind the legs of Marshawn Lynch.  That's the match up to watch.  The winner of the Lynch vs Dolphins defense will give their team a victory.  Dolphins 18 - Seahawks 17

Falcons vs Bucs:  This could be the game of the week.  T.B. is stout against the run but are dead last against the pass.  The Falcons forte is their passing game so this match up favors them tremendously.  The Bucs high flying offense will have to keep up with the Dirty Birds thru the air if they want to win this game.  And they will.  Vincent Jackson and Doug Martin will go off.  Bucs 34 - Falcons 31

Ravens vs Chargers:  Both teams are struggling on D but can put up some points.  The Ravens division title is in their sights with Big Ben going down for a while.  This is Baltimore's chance to take a strangle hold of the AFC North.  The Chargers, well you're guess is as good as mine.  Ravens 24 - Chargers 21

Rams vs Cardinals:  Two very solid defenses against two very weak offenses.  Larry Fitzgerald will be the best player on the field offensively and Patrick Peterson defensively.  The Rams can run a bit but the Cards are pretty good against the run.  I don't see the Rams scoring too much today as the get revenge against the team that gave them their first loss.  Cardinals 20 - Rams 14

49ers vs Saints:  The story line was a rematch of the NFC divisional playoff game from a year ago.  Now the headline is that Colin Kaepernick will get his second consecutive start after tearing up the Bears vaunted defense.  Chicago plays very vanilla on D in a bend but don't break defense.  The Saints, although near the bottom of the league on defense, like to mix it up and disguise coverages.  Let's see how the sophomore QB handles the different looks.  Saints 24 - 49ers 21

Packers vs Giants:  Another NFC divisional round rematch on the schedule today.  The Packers have won the regular season battles in recent years while the Giants have won the more important playoff games.  The Giants look like they're headed for another second half meltdown while the Packers are heating up behind the arm of league MVP Aaron Rodgers.  I think the Giants defensive line wakes up today and causes problems for the Packers passing game.  Look for about 5 sacks from the G Men.  Giants 35 - Packers 28