What a week it was. The 8-0 Falcons fall, the Ravens score 55 points, and The Steelers just eek out a victory against arguably the worst team in the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Many people were happy with the weeks results, but the group of people that had the most fun, were backup QB's! 4 QB's went down with game ending injuries and their status for next week is anything but certain. I am going to give you a rundown of the QB's that went down, and what the plans look like for their team in Week 11:

Michael Vick: Vick went down against the Cowboys with a concussion, and he looked terrible. Walking to the locker room, he looked like he was woozy and out of it; and from what Andy Reid has said Vick could be on the sidelines for a while.

We know that Vick will at least miss next week's game against Washington which means that rookie Nick Foles will lead the charge against RGIII. Foles entering into the role of starting QB could be the best case scenario for Philly. The Eagles invested a draft pick in Foles and I wouldn't be surprised if they groom him to compete for the starting role in 2013.

Alex Smith: After a 1 yard carry, Smith was crunched by LB Jo-Lonn Dunbar. He got up from the hit, and continued on the drive, but he was in clear pain as he grimaced in obvious pain. Smith would go on to end the series scoring a TD, but would come out of the game and give the rest of the game to agile QB Colin Kapernick.

Jim Harbaugh said in his Monday afternoon presser that Smith slept fine, and woke up feeling better than expected. Out of the 4 starting QB injuries, his seems to be the least serious and does stand a chance to play in Week 11 as the 49ers will host the Bears to take on Jay Cutler, another concussed QB. If Smith can not go, it's going to be Kapernick.

(Quick Hit: Smith has a very good chance to play Monday Night, as he will gain another day of rest.)

Jay Cutler: As I stated in the previous piece, Jay Cutler was concussed in the hard-nose battle against the now 8-1 Houston Texans. Cutler has already suffered two concussions in his career, and his last one forced him to miss a week. Coach Lovie Smith stated that if Cutler was NOT 100%, he would not even have a chance to play. This would lead to former Redskin Jason Campbell to start against a brutal 49'ers D.

Jason Campbell played rather poorly in the 2nd half against Houston, and I can't see the Bears thriving with him under center. To avoid disaster, Chicago did add veteran Luke McCown to provide insurance at the QB spot. The bottom line is, if Cutler is out, the Bears chances are not favorable.

Ben Roethlisberger: Monday Night, the Steelers really wanted to win, but their main focus was to stay healthy as they are taking on the Baltimore Ravens in weeks 11 and 13. All was seeming to go well until Tamba Hali and Justin Houston converged on Big Ben to force a sack. Ben got up and would walk to the sideline, but he wasn't there for long. He would eventually leave the field and the stadium to get his right (throwing) shoulder further evaluated at a local hospital.

The diagnosis today is a Sternoclavicular Sprain. Let me explain that to you in English. What Ben suffered was a sprain between the breast bone and the collarbone. This injury is most common in a car crash, when the drivers Sternoclavicular joint is crushed by the steering wheel.

What we know now is that Ben is "Questionable". But according to QB's that have had this same injury in the past, this could take some time to heal. We will know more later in the week and I will make sure I get EVERY BIT of info to you as it comes out.

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