For the record it took me 3 minutes to be able to write the following sentence: "I'm glad the 49ers re-signed Alex Smith." Now that I got my fingers to start working again I would like to finish my statement.  Smith wasn't happy once he learned the Niners were pursuing Peyton Manning.  He took his frustrations to South Beach and met with the Miami Dolphins in hopes of signing a big deal to become their new starting quarterback.  The Dolphins signed David Garrard instead just moments after Peyton Manning decided he wanted to become a Denver Bronco

These two decisions effected both the 49ers and Alex Smith equally.  Every starting quarterback job in the NFL was now taken except for the 49ers.  The only viable starter left on the market was Smith so there was only one choice.  Both sides shook hands on a new 3 year agreement in which the former #1 overall pick will receive an average of $8 million per season.  As mad as Smith may be and as disappointed as San Francisco ownership might be, this is the best deal for both sides given the current circumstances.

I can understand if Smith felt slighted by the 49ers desire to acquire Peyton Manning.  Especially after the excellent season that Alex had just put together, coming just a fumble short of reaching the Super Bowl.  But let's be realistic and Alex listen up!  He's Peyton freakin' Manning, one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game.  So Mr. Smith, put whatever feelings you have aside and go out and play ball.  Make friends with Randy Moss and Mario Manningham and introduce them to Crabtree and Vernon Davis.  Be a leader!  If the 49ers didn't pursue Manning then I would have to question the legitimacy of the franchise.  It's a game and a great one at that, but it's also a business and players don't get paid based on the way they feel.  It's how you play the game.