The Sports Prophet is off to another great start as the Buffalo Bills took care of the Miami Dolphins at home Thursday night.  After a .500 record in week 10, I am determined to get back on track and give you the week 11 winners and make up up for my mediocrity.

Cardinals vs Falcons:  Atlanta may no longer be undefeated but they're still pretty damn good.  The Cardinals were undefeated for a bit as well starting out the season (4-0) before losing their last 5 games.  This battle of the birds won't be much of a battle at all since Arizona can't score and will have problems stopping the Dirty Birds from doing so with their slew of offensive weapons.  Falcons 27 - Cardinals 13

Bucs vs Panthers:  Damn Tampa has looked good lately, on offense.  Defensively they're hurting big time.  This is a good opportunity for Carolina to get their offensive game back to their 2011 form.  This is a game that the Panthers may even find a running game.  But let's not kid ourselves too much here.  Carolina can't stop anyone from scoring either so we're looking at another high scoring, last minute touchdown type of game.  The Bucs are just better than the Panthers right now so I'm staying with the hot team.  Bucs 31 - Panthers 29

Browns vs Cowboys:  This is a must win, no excuses type game for Dallas.  If they win today they're only one game behind the slumping Giants for 1st place in the NFC East.  A loss against the Browns today and I'll personally call Jerry Jones and demand Jason Garrett be fired.  The Browns may be able to sneak a TD in there but the Cowboys should dominate.  Cowboys 34 - Browns 14

Packers vs Lions:  Just when we thought Detroit was on the way up, they had a let down at Minnesota last week to drop to (4-5).  The Pack have won 4 straight behind the arm of MVP Aaron Rodgers who may be holding that trophy again this year.  The one advantage that the Lions have in this game is their defensive line can and will penetrate through the Packers weak offensive line.  If they can sustain a heavy pass rush then they have a chance.  So you know what!  I'm going upset here.  Lions 31 - Packers 28

Jaguars vs Texans:  There really isn't much breakdown needed for this game.  The Jaguars are clearly the worst team in football and the Texans are the best team in football, at least in my opinion.  Houston should absolutely annihilate the Jags who may not score a point unless it comes on a special teams play.  I expect Arian Foster to have a huge day and maybe even get Andre Johnson back in the end zone where he belongs.  Texans 31 - Jaguars 9

Bengals vs Chiefs:  The Bengals looked dead before beating down the Giants in Cincinnati last week.  We've been waiting for that defense to return to its 2011 form and they did against one of the better offenses in the league (Giants).  The Chiefs showed us that they still have some fire power on offense and play makers on defense.  But they still have major issues scoring the football and the opportunistic Bengals defense will make it even more difficult for K.C. to get in the end zone.  Bengals 21 - Chiefs 13

Jets vs Rams:  The Jets are just pathetic.  They don't know what to do with their offense except make sure Tim Tebow isn't a part of it.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  The Rams won't have to score too much today because the Jets certainly won't be.  St. Louis has a very good defense and are improving on offense every week.  I expect a few turnovers to help the Rams defense pull out the victory.  Rams 16 - Jets 13

Eagles vs Redskins:  Let the Nick Foles era begin!  Well for at least one week, but if he performs on a high level this afternoon he may be back for round 2 next Sunday.  The Eagles season is all but lost for 2012 so why not give the rookie a shot and see if he's the future.  The Redskins future at the QB position is set for a while with RGIII running the show.  Both teams need this game badly to attempt to save their season but even the winner will still be on the outside looking in.  The Eagles couldn't score with Vick so let's see if they can with the rookie.  Redskins 28 - Eagles 17

Saints vs Raiders: The Saints are hot after beginning the season (0-4).  The knocked off the undefeated Falcons last week and take on the Raiders in Oakland who almost beat the Falcons in the dome last month.  The Saints aren't a great road team but certainly have the fire power to score on any field.  Believe it or not so do the Raiders.  Carson Palmer seems to throw for over 300 yards every game but they usually come in a loss.  The Raiders have the capability to get to the quarterback and if Brees gets hit a few times then the Raiders may find themselves in some good field position.  Raiders 31 - Saints 27

Chargers vs Broncos:  Denver came back from a 24 point deficit at halftime when these two teams went at it a few weeks ago on Monday night.  The Chargers have been a major disappointment on both sides of the ball as Phillip Rivers continues to regress and throw picks.  Peyton Manning does not throw interceptions and is playing at an MVP level.  He could win that honor and comeback player of the year at the end of the season.  But a 2nd SB title for The Sheriff is the only award he's really concerned about.  A win today at home will all but secure a division title for Denver.  Broncos 30 - Chargers 21

Colts vs Patriots:  I billed it Brady vs Baby in my previous article.  But Luck is no baby, playing like a seasoned veteran.  The Pats haven't been playing great at all recently and the Colts have ran off 4 wins in a row, albeit against inferior opponents.  But Indy is back where they belong in the playoff chase but their old nemesis is standing in their way this Sunday.  The Patriots will be able to score at will against a weak Colts D and Steven Ridley should have a very big day as Indy can't stop the run.  I'm sure Andrew Luck and Reggie Wayne will make this an exciting game but in the end I'll take the experience factor of New England.  Patriots 34 - Colts 24

Ravens vs Steelers:  It's just too bad that Big Ben is out for this game otherwise this would be my marque match up.  I love this old school battle of smash mouth football.  But we won't see as much smashing as we're used to.  The Ravens like to throw the ball but the Steelers have the #1 ranked passing defense even without their All Pro Troy Polomalu.  Pittsburgh won't be tossing the ball all over the yard because it would take Byron Leftwich about a half hour just to release the pass.  So if the Steelers have any chance at winning this game then Johnathan Dwyer and Isaac Redman will have to run like they stole something.  It won't be enough against a dynamic Ravens offense who still have by the way, Ray Rice.  Ravens 23 - Steelers 10